Data Scientist Resume Template & Guide! The Next Big Job

Like any other job search and application, learning about the job requirements and other skills set is a must. One can simply research online and get an excellent data scientist resume template suitable for a particular job.

According to Wikipedia, data analysis is the process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modelling data with the aim of acquiring useful information, making informed decisions, and supporting decision-making.

It involves using various techniques to acquire raw data, process and generate useful information for the purpose of users or business decision-making.

A data analyst should, therefore, have a technical background to be able to break down a large set of numbers into meaningful insights for the business. Before we dive into the data analyst resume template, let’s understand the skills that a data analyst should be able to display;


Job skills and requirements

•  Math Skills: Data analysts need Maths/Stats skills to be able to slice and dice the data into meaningful samples. Example: To analyse an Income data of a population, an analyst should be able to understand if the data is left skewed or right skewed and how the outliers should be treated to have a statistically significant outcome.
•  Programming Skills: While this is traditionally not a core requirement for a data analyst but with the technology revolution, the volumes of data that are now available makes it imperative for an analyst to know a programming tool to be able to process the data quickly.
•  Analytical skills and critical thinking: Data analysts work with large amounts of data which needs to be processed into meaningful information for making better business decisions. You will need to see through the data (facts, trends, and figures) and analyze it to find analytical conclusions.
•  Communication Skills: Data analysts need to present their analytical findings in an understandable document. They’ll need to write and speak clearly, as well as easily communicating complex ideas.
•  Attention to Detail: the presented data must be precise. They must understand the tools used for data processing or organizing – like data cleaning, modeling, and algorithms, data products etc. these tools must output informed decisions helpful to the company. The data analysts have to make sure they are vigilant in their analysis to come to correct conclusions.
•  And much more

A Data analyst job is highly competitive and it’s wise to effectively show how you learned your skills. Your resume needs to illustrate all your acquired skills (which must be clear, unique and keen to details), your experience, certifications and other valued sections for an effective data analyst resume.

Some key Should have(s) and have(nots):

•  A Data Analyst resume must have all the projects completed. It is very critical for the hiring manager to look at the projects done by the analyst to understand the value that the analyst can add.

•  Projects should articulate the business problem and how the analyst arrived at the solution.
•  Projects shouldnot have only the algorithms used  without explaining the purpose of the project.
•  Programing is a skill that is a ‘means towards the end’ and not the end goal in itself. Therefore, reiterating technical words doesnot go a long way if an analyst doesnot describe why the tool was used.
•  If a business problem could be solved on an excel sheet in 4 rows that is well appreciated by companies. A complex solution doesnot necessarily amount to more knowledge.

•  Make it a one pager resume.

Project Details:

Used Decision tree, Random forest and GBM algorithm with Python for classification problems.

Data analysts resume template & guides

Here is a nice template we’ll use as we dive deep into what’s required in writing a resume that lands you more interviews.

You need to pay attention to every detail when it comes to making a great resume. Even the smallest of it makes a difference.

It’s recommended you use a well-respected reverse-chronological resume (like the above data analyst resume template or get any one of your choice at resume genius). Use easy to read subheadings, white spaces, and clear, legible fonts. Unless otherwise instructed, convert it into PDF to keep all the formatting intact.

Most hiring managers take less time reading tens or even hundreds of resumes at any job advert and it’s your secret tip to put the data analyst skills and experience right up front.


Contact information

At the top of the resume is the contact information. Gone are the old days of adding your address into your contact information. It’s optional nowadays. The most required things are;

•  Your name
•  Working phone number
•  Professional email address.

From the data analyst template, you choose to use, make sure to add spectacular projects that you want to share. It must add value to your data analyst resume. List the URLs to your great professional portfolio or blog to showcase your skills and knowledge.

We live in an era of online technology. Since data analyst job deals with systems that aide their processes, it’s advisable that you stay upfront in maintaining your own domain where you showcase all that’s important to your career.

Social profiles also play an important role. Use LinkedIn in to create an impactful profile.

Right after the contact information, create a professional, sales pitch resume summary (career objective). Highlights your skills, experience, and achievements.

Data analyst involves a lot of technical skills. It’s important that you stress them at the top of your resume to make the hiring manager acknowledge your expertise. Keep it snappy and make it short.


Data Analyst Experience

As discussed above on the skills of a data analyst, provide snappy data analysis achievements that fit. List the responsibilities under each job experience you’ve to put you above your competition.

To put you above your competition, communicate in a concise and structured way as you demonstrate your accomplishments.

Furthermore, it’s great if you can quantify your experience. If possible, cite numerical figures to add value to the achievements. Boost your data analyst resume by using industry-specific terminology (powerful resume action words) that showcase your deep knowledge and expertise in your profession.


Skills to put on a data analyst resume

Qualifying to be a data analyst isn’t easy. It requires that you’ve extensive knowledge in mathematics, statistics, and computer science. If you’re a financial data analyst, you may have to take a coursework in subjects like economics, accounting, and risk management.

Advance yourself with data analytic skills to both analyze big data and communicate well enough in order to present detailed analyzed work in an easy to understand document format.

Greatest skills include analytical skills, math skills, communication skills, attention to detail, technical skills (like business intelligence platforms, programming, database querying languages etc.), creative thinking, and passion for solving problems.

Don’t list generic skills on your data analyst resume. Prove each skill as required by the position. Remember to also add “power words” or “action words” when adding those skills.

For example;

•  Expert in IBM SPSS, Pivot Tables, SAS, Tableau, SQL, Advanced Microsoft Excel.
•  Have Strong analytical and quantitative skills
•  Excellent communication and creative problem-solving skills.


Certifications for a data analyst resume

These are extra qualifications you have attained as a data analyst. The aim is to boost the experience and “power” the possibility of getting hired.

Extra data analyst skills might be big data certifications, software, or licenses.

There are many big data and data analytics certification required for a target job. Here are the examples listed by;

•  Certificate in Engineering Excellence Big Data Analytics and Optimization
•  Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences
•  EMC Proven Professional Data Scientist Associate (EMCDSA)
•  Certified Analytics Professional
•  Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Administrator
•  Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst
•  SAS Certified Big Data Professional
•  SAS Certified Data Scientist Using SAS 9
•  Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Spark and Hadoop Developer
•  Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP): Data Engineer
•  IBM Certified Data Architect – Big Data
•  IBM Certified Data Engineer – Big Data
•  Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Data Management and Analytics
•  INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional
•  Mining Massive Data Sets Graduate Certificate
•  MongoDB Certified DBA Associate
•  MongoDB Certified Developer Associate
•  Stanford Data Mining and Applications Graduate Certificate
The most important part is if your qualifications best match the job description.

As you prepare to land for the next big job, create a great resume together with the cover letter that depicts the data analyst you’re. Follow the above data analyst resume template as a guide. The most important section is the work experience, education, and the skills you’ve attained. Do extensive research and get detailed information about your career and use the best template that clearly depicts the skills a hiring manager wants.

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