Process Overview

How It Works?

Imagine yourself looking for the right data analyst who can join you for a small window and in the budget you desire; or a domain specific data professional who you could honestly consult for a longer period with distinct skill set and in the budget you desire. At Econolytics, we take you through a six step journey where your needs and choices become our direction. We facilitate your interests and through our bidding process we help you secure a professional in an optimized way.

Free Job Posting

With us, the job posting is free and the client only pays when they hire from our services. Post your job now

Elastic Matching powered by QScore

The platform offers a wide range of talent that the client may choose from using basic filter variants like the primary domain and technical skills. Based on their bid and the project needs, an Elastic matching algorithm developed by Econolytics works out the right candidates. The algorithm also takes into consideration the candidates QScore which is derived from various Challenger games, Hackathons and tests on the platform assessing the candidates mathematical ability, logical deduction and domain knowledge. More on QScore

Bidding Process

Our bidding structure helps the client to get bids within the maximum budget they have for the project thereby making it possible for them sometimes to get the best candidate at costs lower than their budget.


Once matches are found and the client accepts bids, we facilitate discussion rounds for the client to choose the candidate of their choice.

Project Delivery Framework

For project based engagements, the platform considers a project underway once the work scope is understood and agreed upon by both the parties. The framework provided on the platform is assistive and designed for clean milestones oriented project delivery and communication.

Milestones Based Payouts

For all project based engagements, Payments are made only once the milestone has been accomplished. The platform is driven by very clear pricing policies enlisted in details on the website